What is the difference of Stretch Hood, Stretch Film and Shrink Hood?

Stretch Hooding is a packaging method in which a specially designed machine stretches a tubed-shaped film over a pallet or product. The film is getting sealed on the top of the stretch hood to provide weather resistance and protection.

Stretch Film is a flexible plastic film that is wrapped around products or pallets to provide load stability and protection. It can be used manually or with a pallet wrapper.

Shrink Hood packaging involves placing a pre-formed plastic hood over a pallet or product and then applying heat to shrink the hood tightly around the load. The heat can be applied using heat tunnels or heat guns.

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Sustainable Stretch Hood Solutions

Stretch Hood packaging offers innovative and sustainable possibilities for packaging goods. The aim is to build up a closed loop system of polyethylene. Combined with material reduction through downsizing it is possible to effectively reduce waste and the environmental footprint.

In order to achieve this, it is possible to use PCR in stretch hoods. Post-Consumer-Reyclate is recycled material obtained from consumer packaging waste. It is collected, sorted, processed and converted into a new raw material. Stretch Hood is possible to produce with 30% PCR making them an eco-friendly solution for your transport packaging needs. In total it is possible to reduce C02 emission about 20-25% by using stretch hood with PCR compared of using virgin material.

By not using EVA, stretch hoods are having a higher delivery reliability. Furthermore EVA-free stretch hoods are made with 100% polyethylene which simplifies the recycling process and promoting sustainable practices.

Using green energy for producing stretch hood aligns with the promotion of renewable resources. This not only reduces carbon dioxide emissions but also improves air quality and supports the transition to a more sustainable and low-carbon future.

Feel free to contact RHM if you are looking for a supplier that offers sustainable stretch hood solutions.

Thriving Business, Thriving Earth: Save More, Waste Less

Material Efficiency: Downsizing of stretch hood reduces the consumption of material and waste. This contributes to the preservation of valuable resources and helps mitigate the strain on the environment.

Resource Conservation: Services and high-quality spare parts are increasing lifetime of machines. Through decreasing the need for often replacement you’ll have less to worry about with your equipment.

Energy Savings: Unlike shrink film, stretch hood does not require heat for application, leading to significant energy savings during the packaging process. This reduced energy consumption helps lower costs and carbon emissions.

Improved Stability: Stretch hood provides high load stability, reducing the risk of damage during transportation. This minimizes the need for secondary packaging materials and prevents product losses, further reducing waste.

Reducing Costs: Stretch hood’s efficiency in material usage, energy savings, and improved load stability can result in cost savings. These financial benefits can support the implementation of sustainable practices throughout the supply chain.

Sustainability at RHM Packaging

At RHM Packaging, we believe in the connection of sustainability and efficiency. Our focus is on providing used machines, retrofit, spare parts and maintenance for maximizing the productivity and durability of our customers machines. Utilizing packaging materials that contain recycled content and downsizing stretch hoods saves resources and reduces waste. Our ambition is not only to offer products and services but also by actively reducing the impact on the environment for a more sustainable future.

Extending the life of machines

Extending the life of machines brings various advantages such as cost savings, an increased return of investment, reduced downtimes and environmental benefits. There are several opportunities to extend the service life of a machine in a sustainable way:

Giving a new life to a used machine is saving waste and conserving resources, while adapting the machine to the company’s requirements.

High-quality spare parts are reliable and durable which reduces the need for frequent replacements.

Upgrading existing stretch hood machines with retrofit means modernizing machines in an energy-efficient way to reduce CO2 emissions.

Proper service increases efficiency and the lifetime of machines, while reducing environmental impacts and costs.

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Connect with our team to learn more about how RHM Packaging can help you achieve your sustainability goals. We offer a range of sustainable packaging solutions and can work with you to develop a customized plan that meets your unique needs. Contact us to get started on a greener future.

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