How to handle my old stretchhod machine?

As an experienced machine operator, you have certainly experienced the situation several times where a machine no longer delivers the performance it used to after many years. In these moments, the decision usually has to be made: What will happen to the machine now?

Many cases showed, that there are basically three possibilities to choose:

Upgrade the current machine

Mostly a cost-efficient way is to upgrade the machine to the latest technology with new spare parts, a new packaging film or even a new software. Many times more of those aspects are combined to achieve the best results with your current setup.

Give the machine a second life

Sometimes the whole layout of the packaging line changes and an upgrade is not possible anymore. In these situations, you can not only give your current machine a second life but also make money with its sale. In the market, companies like RHM focus on these machines and fully refurbish them to another customers needs.

Scrap the machine

Although it is not sustainable to scrap the machine, some companies decide to do so. But in these cases, it is really worth taking a closer look or even consulting an expert to see if there really is no other way.


Our experience shows: Thoroughly analyze your machine or get an expert to evaluate it. This way you can save money or act sustainably and generate income.

Contact us – we will be happy to support you in the question of what will become of your old machine!

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