High-Quality Spare Parts at Competitive Prices

Expertly sourced spare parts for optimal performance of your Stretch Hood Machine: Ensure your equipment is working at its best.

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Spare Parts

Even the most reliable stretch hood machine has parts that wear with the time. 

Therefore, it is important to have a supplier who knows your machines in detail.
We see spare parts as an important factor which is key to keep your systems operational and reliable – for as long as possible.

Sometimes packaging machines only need a few spare parts to be in a condition to perform on top level again. We provide technical support when purchasing spare parts or assist you to change the parts by yourself, if you like.

We offer manufactured and brand spare parts – just the way you need it.



Count on RHM packaging for high-quality spare parts that guarantee durability, compliance, and minimal downtime for your stretch hood machines.

Fast Delivery

Our spare parts are available for immediate delivery, minimizing downtime and keeping your machines running smoothly.


Our technical support team is available to help customers identify the right spare parts for their machines and provide installation instructions if needed.


Buy with confidence knowing our stretch hood machine spare parts are backed by a solid warranty.

RHM20 Grippers

Achieve consistent and hassle-free stretch hood application with our RHM20 Grippers.

Are you tired of dealing with unreliable and low-quality grippers that cause tearing and stretching issues with your packaging film? Look no further than RHM20 Grippers by RHM Packaging!

Our innovative grippers are specifically designed to solve the problems experienced by our customers, with a wear-resistant material for a long lifespan, Teflon bars to reduce friction, and a film detection sensor to prevent tearing. Plus, the POM gripper wheel with two bearings ensures a smooth and consistent film application every time, making our grippers the best choice for your packaging needs. Upgrade your production line with RHM20 Grippers and experience the difference in quality and efficiency today!

Our grippers are ready for immediate delivery.

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Due to our long experience in the stretch hood industry we offer spare parts for various manufacturers’ machines such as Beumer, Möllers, MSK, BTH and Lachenmeier on stock. 
In addition, we have the expertise, experience and product knowledge to guide companies in their decision making process. We can replace the old brand spare parts, with our own manufactured parts.

Security Program

When it comes to industrial packaging machines, it’s essential to have reliable and efficient spare parts to keep your operations running smoothly.

At RHM Packaging, we understand the importance of having the right parts for your machines. That’s why we produce high-quality spare parts with the same care and attention as we develop our own products, ensuring that our customers receive the right spare parts the first time.

Our expertise, experience, and product knowledge enable us to guide companies and help them make informed decisions when it comes to spare parts. We offer a variety of self-made spare parts for industrial packaging machines, such as Beumer, Möllers, MSK, and Lachenmeier. Whether you need to replace old brand spare parts or upgrade your equipment with our high-quality alternatives, we’ve got you covered. All our self-made parts come with a warranty, giving you peace of mind.

Ordering spare parts for your machine from RHM Packaging is easy. You can use the contact form on the website or send a request via email to service@rhmon.com. Our shipping services ensure fast and secure delivery of your ordered parts at the right price. Our engineers are also happy to help you find the right spare parts for your machine, ensuring that you receive the best possible service.

When it comes to stretch hood machine spare parts, RHM Packaging ApS is the go-to source for high-quality, reliable, and efficient parts. We’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and ensuring that their machines operate at their best. Contact us today and experience the difference that our expertise, experience, and product knowledge can make.

Order your stretch hood machine spare parts from RHM Packaging today and experience the difference.

"At RHM Packaging, we understand the importance of having reliable spare parts on hand. That's why we offer high-quality, long-lasting parts that are designed to keep your packaging machinery running smoothly. Trust us for the parts you need to keep your operations up and running."
Morten Hymøller
Head of Technic and Development
Morten Hymøller RHM Packaging