Current Challenges in the Stretchhood market!

The stretchhood market is currently exposed to many internal and external developments. For example, the social trend to reduce plastic waste is putting a lot of pressure on many manufacturers. These often resort to quick measures such as downsizing to deliver fast results, which is not always the healthiest solution for the packaging unit.


In addition, more and more companies in the packaging industry are trying to close the loop to move away from single-use plastic. For example, recycled-based films have recently been increasingly introduced to the market, which cannot always be processed identically to the previous films. Here, it is often also necessary to adjust the machine settings individually.


In many cases, the picture is similar: each area optimizes for itself.


Customers who successfully reconciled the various developments took a systemic approach. All stakeholders were brought together and the focus was on the entire packaging process instead of individual parts.  They looked at the machine, film, sustainability and stability in equal measure and coordinated them with each other!


In combination with our partner DUO PLAST AG, a leading manufacturer in the filmmarket, we force a systemic approach with a focus on the entire packaging process to achieve the best solution for our customers.


If you want to know more about the stretchhood market and our approach with DUO PLAST AG feel free to contact us.

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