Product Innovation – RHM20 Grippers

In the past, we often saw unreliable and low-quality grippers which caused several issues with the packaging film:

  1. The film tears many times.
  2. The stretching is inconsistent.
  3. The film could not grab smoothly.
  4. The damaged film caused an machine error.
  5. The gripper wears in a short time.

These aspects always resulted in timewasting process failures, necessary maintenances or important troubleshooting which costs time and money in the end.



Therefore, we designed the RHM Gripper to guarantee a smooth packaging experience with features we especially focused on:

  1. Wear-resistent material for a long lifespan.
  2. Teflon bars to reduce friction.
  3. film detection sensor to prevent tearing.
  4. POM gripper wheel for consistent film application.

These features can not only increase the performance of your packaging machine, but also align it more efficiently so that cost-intensive interruptions or maintenance can be reduced to a minimum. With RHM20 grippers returns or rejected pallets belong to the past.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an simple but effective upgrade for you packaging machnine!

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