82% of Stretchhood machines are in need of maintenance

The consequences of this are enormous and companies need to react quickly

Typical Problems

There are several problems that companies that use stretch hood machines have to face...
Manufacturer Stretch Hood RHM Packaging


Many machine manufacturers often have stretch hood machines in their portfolio so that they can offer a whole packaging line and are mainly focused on selling new machines. Therefore, the after-sales service is often poor and the machines often have some bugs.


Companies save on budgets and postpone the maintenance of their stretch hood machine (e.g. Lachenmeier, Beumer or MSK). This creates the risk of production interruptions and the condition of the machine becomes worse and worse.

Technical Knowledge

Often, the people in charge have only limited knowledge of the machine. The most important thing is that the machine runs somehow and that one does not constantly fix the faults.

Poor After-Sales-Service

Technicians regularly have only limited experience and training in stretch hood optimization - at the same time they are under time pressure. Therefore, a service visit often lasts only a short time, a little WD-40 is sprayed on a few spots and everything is fine. But when the machine breaks down two weeks after the service, people wonder.

Companies often don't know the consequences of these...

Plastic waste

You probably haven’t questioned the thickness in your stretch hood (in µm) and the format since you started using your stretch hood machine, have you? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. However, every day we see companies using too much plastic – it doesn’t have to be that way and it costs a lot of money.

Transport damage

It is not uncommon for us to speak to companies that switched to Stretch Hoods many years ago and have since suffered regular transport damage. We can simulate the stability of your pallets together in our own technology centre and optimally adjust the machine to the film. Often it is small adjustments in hardware and software that can bring big advantages.

Machine lifespan

The longer you put off servicing, the worse the condition of your machine becomes. The wheels, chains and grippers become more and more worn and they accelerate the time when an investment in a new machine is due. Nobody does that with a car – why then with a stretch hood machine?

Production downtime

For many companies, it is now normal for employees to have to climb into the machine several times during a shift because there is a defect. Some have even made special tools / sticks to quickly get the faulty stretch hoods out of the grippers. But that’s not even the worst of it: once the Lachenmeier / Beumer / MSK / … machine has stopped working and needs to be repaired, production stops for several days to weeks. And that costs not only a lot of money, but also nerves.

Service Team RHM Packaging

Why RHM?

  • Family business founded by a highly experienced service technician 
  • 30 years of experience in the stretch hood industry 
  • Highly specialized in maintenance and optimization of stretch hood machines 
  • Fast availability and extensive spare parts stock 
  • Independent of the machine manufacturer, neutral evaluation  
  • Many years of experience with stretch hood films and the optimal adjustment of machines 

Tailored solutions for your stretch hood machine


We offer customized services for your machine. The entire service wil be based on your needs: we will come at the time that suits your maintenance schedule best and depending on your budget we will plan every step together.

Spare Parts

We offer high-quality parts at competitive prices. We offer security packages that you can leave in your inventory for emergencies. We have a wide range of spare parts on stock than can be shipped out fast.


Your old stretch hood machine does not need to be replaced! We can replace specific parts on your machine - your machine can be used for a much longer time and you don't have to invest in a new one.

René Hansen RHM Packaging

“With more than 30 years of experience in the stretch hood industry and hundreds of stretch hood lines that I have built, maintained or optimised, I am now familiar with a wide range of challenges. As a service technician for many years, I know these challenges by heart and therefore founded RHM Packaging. Regular breakdowns and significant maintenance backlog are unfortunately the order of the day - RHM Packaging ensures that your machines always run trouble-free and that we get the maximum lifetime out of your stretch hood machine.”

Those companies are already maintaining their stretch hood machine regularly

Patzer Erden GmbH

Patzer produces substrates - we have been working closely together for many years and regularly maintain the company's machines. Just recently we added a second roll / format option to their machine so that they can use another different format in their process.

Intocast AG

Intocast produces various refractory products for the steel and iron industry. Many years ago, the company purchased an individual machine solution from RHM Packaging for the first time - since then, we have been working closely together and are providing service for their machines.

ADLER-Werk GmbH & Co KG

The manufacturer of coatings, Adler, is also a convinced customer of RHM Packaging - we provide service as well as spare parts and are always available if individual solutions are required.

If some of these problems and consequences sound familiar...

Request a free on-site appointment now to have your stretch hood machine inspected.

Our experts will take a close look at everything and give a non-binding, individual assessment.

Popular Questions

With more than 30 years of experience in the stretch hood industry, RHM Packaging is able to cover a wide range of stretch hood machine manufacturers. We have already maintained, repaired and serviced machines from Lachenmeier / Signode Denmark (H-Single Flex (HS), CombiFlex (CC), Easy Flex (CA), PowerFlex (HPF-HP01-HP08), MultiFlex (HMF-HM01-HM07), PowerFlex T1 (HT01-HT04), PowerFlex TL (HP12-HP22), MultiFlex X1 (HF01-HF04), Beumer (Beumer Stretch Hood A, Beumer Stretch Hood M, Beumer Stretch Hood S), MSK (Stretch Hooder MSK Tensiontech, Stretch Hooder MSK Wraptech, MSK Hybrid Systems, MSK 371, MSK Covertech), PremierTech Chronos (Stretch Hooder LSH-0100-E, Stretch Hooder LSH-0200-E, Stretch Hooder LSH-0060-E, BTH Rainbow, LSH-1100-N) and Möllers (HSA-Vario, HSA-Vario D). This list covers only a part of the machine types that we have already worked with through the years – let us know if your machine type is not listed here. Chances are high that we know what we must do.

Spare parts can be bought directly from Lachenmeier / Signode Denmark or from other companies like RHM Packaging. RHM Packaging has a wide range of spare parts on stock that can be shipped out fast. We have listed a range of spare parts that may be important for you if you need to urgently repair your stretch hood machine: film grippers, stretch hood clamps, cutting blades, sealing elements, drive belts and chains, sensors and photocell, pneumatic components, bearings, rollers, electric and electronic components, rubber components, wheels and castors. These spare parts are on stock and can be used for your Lachenmeier Stretch Hood – we can even prepare a safety-stock for your machine that you can always keep on stock for urgent repairs.

Most machine manufacturers like Lachenmeier, Beumer or Möllers are of course interested in selling new lines to their customers. However, buying a new stretch hood machine is not always the best choice. A lot of stretch hood machines are not well maintained – that means that the machines are heavily damaged from wear and tear. We are often called from new customers when it is already too late: they have not maintained / serviced their stretch hooder on a regular basis and now their machines are not working properly. This results in line interruptions; productivity is decreasing and the worst thing: the customer eventually needs to invest in a new stretch hood machine. RHM Packaging offers a “Retrofit” service – we will analyze your current Lachenmeier stretch hood and work out a retrofit plan. Our goal is to increase the lifetime of your Lachenmeier stretch hood machine to avoid having to invest in a new packaging line. After our retrofit, customers can use their stretch hood machine many years longer without having to invest. This is a cheap stretch hood machine solution if you are on a budget or want to avoid high capital expenditures (CAPEX). Besides that, RHM offers used / second hand Lachenmeier stretch hood machines. They are available at the fraction of the cost of a new Lachenmeier stretch hood line and are refurbished and upgraded with state-of-the-art stretch hood technology.

Customers that come to us are often not satisfied with the service of their current stretch hood machine manufacturer. These manufacturers are mainly focused on selling new packaging lines and often have a poor After-Sales-Service. Customers sometimes need to wait for several months for a simple service – and when the day has come, an inexperienced technician arrives on site, sprays some WD-40, and leaves after three hours. Spare parts are sometimes not on stock, and the customer must wait for weeks until this critical, electronic part arrives. Stretch hood machines are the bottleneck and end of your end-of-line packaging process – if this machine is not working, you are not able to send out pallets to your customers (earn no money). Many companies have stretch hood machines from several manufacturers – for example one Lachenmeier line and another Möllers line. We can maintain and service both machines and you can save money and time, because you do not have to call two companies.

Most machine manufacturers are not really experienced with stretch hood film. They do not want to be involved in the stretch hood film / hooder film topic and when problems arise, everyone starts finger pointing to the other party (machine manufacturer vs. stretch hood film manufacturer). The result: you and your operators must improvise and find a solution – this causes a lot of stress, trouble and in the end, the solution is also not always perfect. But at least the stretch hood line is running, and no operators must climb into the machine. Something that is often forgotten: this stretch hood line may waste a lot of money and energy. Most stretch hoods currently can be downsized, formats can be adjusted (they have been suggested by the machine manufacturer several years ago without being challenged once since then) and the technology (for example hydraulics) could be upgraded as well. Having an expert with over 30 years of experience in stretch hood machinery could be a great idea and solve most of your problems.

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